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Rough translation.

Cover Page

Title: Chapter 93 Let’s Go!

Text: winds of terror, soaring past

Page 1

Child Emperor: using specialized monster thermography on artificial satellite “the window has eyes”, I checked the number of monsters at the Monster Association base

Child Emperor: I am able to confirm over 500 monster heat signatures so far

Child Emperor: based on calculation alone, each of us will have to defeat at least 60 of them

Child Emperor: I don’t think that number should pose problem for anyone

Child Emperor: my only worry is the combat abilities of enemy cadres

Page 2

Child Emperor: “Elder Centipede”, who appeared several days ago

Child Emperor: we now know it too was a member of the Monster Association. Based on that fact,

Child Emperor: we should assume there are other monsters that are disaster level “demon” and “dragon” under their employ

Page 3

Darkshine: I only fought a parasite monster since I was guarding the headquarters. What do you guys who fought them out in the open think? Are they strong?

Puri Puri Prisoner: felt like a mixed bag. Most of them were nothing, but there were a ferocious few. I got into a pretty dangerous situation myself

Puri Puri Prisoner: oh well, since I have experienced true pain, I handled it without any problems

Page 4

Zombieman: is it true that Drive Knight has been defeated?

Child Emperor: we’re not sure yet…

Child Emperor: after interrogating a monster and learning their base is located in Z city before the rest of us, he left to investigate

Child Emperor: since then, we have lost contact

Atomic Samurai: …… Drive Knight…I’ve never even seen his face

Atomic Samurai: is that so…has he been finished off…

Page 5

Darkshine: he has a cyborg body, so he probably won’t die

Darkshine: maybe he’s been damaged to the point where he is unable to move or communicate, and is hiding somewhere waiting for our rescue!

Pig God: hope so

Zombieman: this means it is possible for any of us to be defeated just like Drive Knight

Zombieman: you guys shouldn’t drop your guard, we have to stay focused and take this seriously

Tatsumaki: I don’t think I can be beaten…

Page 6

Flash: expect them to attack mercilessly at the moment of contact

Flash: goes without saying that even if the monsters tried to talk, there would be no need for any serious response

Child Emperor: um

Child Emperor: remember, sympathy for them could be fatal

Puri Puri Prisoner: may I interject?

Page 7

Puri Puri Prisoner: mixed in with the other monsters at the association are my guys who got coaxed into becoming monsters

Puri Puri Prisoner: I want to save them

Puri Puri Prisoner: if anyone sees a monster in prisoner uniform…leave me to handle it

Atomic Samurai: ….an old friend of mine…also became a monster…

Atomic Samurai: I slashed him up regardless

Page 8

Atomic Samurai: do you have a way to save those who have undergone monsterfication?

Puri Puri Prisoner: I’m think about trying the “Angel Hug” followed by “Awakened Deep Kiss” combo, see if that will return them back to normal

Atomic Samurai: is that so…um, pardon my interruption, please carry on with the discussion

Flash: the boss-like “Monster King Orochi” and advisor “Gyoro Gyoro”

Flash: those two without question should be “dragon”

Zombieman: after all, they have the power to command this many monsters

Zombieman: even though I prefer to avoid battles that are too one-sided…

Page 9

Tatsumaki: ah, I’ll take care of the final boss

Tatsumaki: I’ll leave you to take care of the fodders blocking the way

Tatsumaki: thanks everyone

Flash: hey, don’t make decisions on your own

Tatsumaki: what? Are you saying you want to take on the final boss?

Tatsumaki: I’m totally doing this for you guys, you’re all so powerless……

Flash: someone shut this woman up so the meeting can continue

Page 10

Child Emperor: hey guys, take it easy…

Child Emperor: this is why I hate managing the S-Class

Zombieman: we’re not all gathered here to supervise traffic

Zombieman: at the end of the day, this battle plan is about hostage rescue. Monster eradication is secondary

Zombieman: Tatsumaki, please don’t forget about that and start some large scale attack that will destroy the entire base

Child Emperor: I have not been able to locate where the boss is hidden with my investigations

Page 11

Child Emperor: the base is expansive and goes deep underground

Darkshine: whether it’s a fodder or boss encounter

Darkshine: we cannot avoid battle

Darkshine: it is your responsibility to defeat any enemy that stands in your way

Page 12

Flash: if we could locate the boss or the hostage in advance, we won’t be needing this many people to finish the job

Flash: do you even know why we’re all gathered here tandby in the first place?

Tatsumaki: ……

Flash: anyone with half a brain could figure it out. I’m starting to think abusing psychic powers has halted both your physical and mental growth…

Child Emperor: Stop, stop!!! Cut it out!

Sweet Mask: hey

Page 13

Sweet Mask: you lot…I was wondering why you weren’t in the waiting room

Sweet Mask: how dare you leave a team member like me out and start your secret meeting on your own, what’s the meaning of this

Page 14

Child Emperor: Sweet Mask

Child Emperor: no, the thought of leaving you out never crossed my mind

Child Emperor: we just thought we should get the S-Class together first to discuss and confirm some stuff…

Sweet Mask: why only the S-Class?

Sweet Mask: there are other member including myself, are there not?

Child Emperor: ah…about that…

Child Emperor: the plan is to have non S-Class members act as surface-level support…

Child Emperor: I knew if I told him that he’ll just start arguing with me, that’s why I didn’t want to say anything before the dispatch…How should I go about convincing him without hurting his self-esteem…

Page 15

Tatsumaki: you know why, because we all hate you, naturally

Child Emperor: no no no!! That’s total nonsense, Miss Tatsumaki please don’t say stuff that will exacerbate the situation!!

Sweet Mask: you want me to standby on the surface?

Sweet Mask: explain yourself

Child Emperor: yeah….what I mean is

Page 16

Child Emperor: we will be splitting our forces in two this time, the underground strike team and the surface support team, with both teams taking simultaneous action. We would like to take advantage of your leadership skills…

Child Emperor: I would be thrilled if you could assume the role of support team captain…

Atomic Samurai: it’s just us few that will attack deep underground

Atomic Samurai: I’m count on you to take care of the monsters that slip through

Atomic Samurai: well, I’m taking my disciples with me though

Page 17

Pig God: 20 more pizzas please

Darkshine: overeating before battle is bad for your health. You should inject more protein instead, Pig God

Sweet Mask: no way. You guys are not reliable. I’ll be a part of the strike team too

Child Emperor: and here we go

Tatsumaki: do you really want me to spell it out? Your level is too low for this battle

Tatsumaki: you’re on the backup squad!

Sweet Mask: Child Emperor…looks like you’re not getting this. If you want to take advantage of my leadership skills…

Sweet Mask: then bring the S-Class under my command

Tatsumaki: hey! How dare you ignore me!!

Page 18

Zombieman: us…under your command?

Text on page: puff—-

Zombieman: if you wanted to make a joke, you should have stopped at your name

Tatsumaki: are you going to pretend you didn’t hear me!?

Zombieman: do you want credit? I’ll let you have mine, as long as you follow Child Emperor’s orders

Zombieman: we’re about to battle against an overwhelming number of monsters, this is not the time for dissension. Tatsumaki: why did you cover yourself in perfume before battle!!

Sweet Mask: …Zombieman, why can’t you be killed?

Sweet Mask: that’s quite unsettling

Page 19

Sweet Mask: you’re actually a monster, aren’t you?

Zombieman: what did you say…

Page 20

Sweet Mask: you were given a seat in the S-Class based solely on an evaluation of your fighting ability

Sweet Mask: who you really are is highly suspicious

Sweet Mask: can we really consider you an ally

Darkshine: hey hey…enough provocations. That’s not very nice, we’re all heroes here!

Sweet Mask: that’s right…you’re supposed to be pro heroes…

???: what’s the matter!?

???: if you have a problem then step aside. You don’t have to fight, go sing a song or something

Sweet Mask: you take your positions in the S-Class for granted, and abuse that privilege like fools, it’s disgusting to watch…your reputations within the Association are terrible

Sweet Mask: I see no proof that that you’re trying your best as heroes

Pig God: ah…and add another 5L bottle of coke

Sweet Mask: are you fulfilling your duties as those who wield power?

Page 21

Tatsumaki: you’re the one to talk, why are you still working part time as an idol!? Weirdo!

Tatsumaki: you call yourself handsomely masked, but you’re not even that handsome, do you realize that!?

Darkshine: ca..calm down. You’ll get chewed up by the media if you attack Sweet Mask, that’s bad news

Sweet Mask: you respect authority and follow orders, that’s what make you S-Class heroes, isn’t that right

Sweet Mask: otherwise you’re just a bunch of dangerously powerful individuals

Sweet Mask: so allow me take this opportunity and use your abilities

Sweet Mask: more reasonably

Sweet Mask: just follow my instructions

Page 22

Puri Puri Prisoner: a master-slave relationship with an aggressive heartthrob…

Puri Puri Prisoner: that’s not bad, but I’m still a little hesitant…

Flash: how about you try getting us to obey you by force

Flash: if you can manage that

Page 23

Sweet Mask: you don’t think I can?

Atomic Samurai: hey, this is no joking matter

Atomic Samurai: contain your murderous intent, Flash

Page 24

Flash: that’s entirely up to him

Flash: if he’s going hinder the battle…

Staff: Mr. King is here!

Page 26

Sweet Mask: good timing, King

Sweet Mask: I want you too to follow my command…

Sweet Mask: !?

Sweet Mask: …why are you covered in stains?

Sweet Mask: and that smell

King: eh

King: ahh…I was escorted here right after I got home, I didn’t have time to get changed

King: ahh…I guess they left these stains

Sweet Mask: why are you late…where have you been all this time?

Sweet Mask: what have you been up to that got you looking like this?

King: an interrogation?

Page 27

King: I’m really bad at dealing with this guy…

King: no…there’s nothing special to report. I was in Z-City…hotpot…

Staff: Mr. King has been battling monsters near their home base in Z-City by himself all night!!

King: what?

Staff: his clothes are stained with the blood of the monsters! See, only the front is stained, that’s the proof

Staff: due to the overwhelming number of enemies, King opted for a temporary retreat to recover stamina, that’s when we begged him to follow us here!!!

King: why are they always misinterpreting the situation and then telling everyone about it

Sweet Mask: non-stop…

Sweet Mask: all by himself…

Page 28

Tatsumaki: that’s pretty impressive

Page 29

Sweet Mask: whew…

Sweet Mask: I have to acknowledge your split-second decision-making and fearless actions. There’re S-Class heroes who are serious about their jobs after all.

Sweet Mask: it’s pointless to argue amongst ourselves

Sweet Mask: for King’s sake, I’ll take a step back

Sweet Mask: but I’m still taking part in the strike, that is non-negotiable

Child Emperor: he’s good…he did not take a step back at all…

Page 30

Child Emperor: Mr. King. Going against the entire enemy force alone, it’s reckless even for you

King: I didn’t…

Child Emperor: like you Mr. King, Drive Knight went to investigate the Uninhabited Zone alone, and we’ve lost contact with him

Child Emperor: we’re unsure of the threat that’s lurking in there

Child Emperor: now join us and fight together

King: aaahhh…!

Text: with his deadly stare, King give a great response

Page 31

???: the same view we see everyday

Page 32

Sitch: whether you’ll be promoted to advisor

Sitch: depends on this critical moment

Sekingar: aah…

Sekingar: we have gathered 15members for the support team

Sekingar: it’s time to go

Page 33

Sitch: even so, the situation remains unchanged. We’re at an overwhelming disadvantage. Are you going directly to the scene?

Sekingar: aah, as the one responsible, I have to see to it until the very end

Sitch: I didn’t expect you to be someone with such courage and determination. I misread you completely. I thought you were only motivated by fame.

Sekingar: heh

Elevator: ding dong

Sekingar: you’re not wrong to have thought that. This battle is once-in-a-lifetime

Sekingar: if we defeat the Monster Association, not only will I get my promotion

Sekingar: my name will also be recorded in the history books

Page 34


Page 35

Sekingar: thank you very much for being here

Sekingar: I am Sekingar

Sitch: I am Sitch

Sitch: is everyone clear of their individual duties?

Mizuki: yes sir

Mizuki: my event is to support the S-Class seniors!

Text: B-Class Rank 71 Captain Mizuki

Page 36

Sitch: eh…em..

Sitch: event…?

Sekingar: cough

Sekingar: that’s correct. In terms of actual duties, it’s eliminating any escaped remnants,

Sekingar: securing a retreat route, and protecting the child hostage

Sitch: once the S-Class strike team rescues the hostage, it is your responsibility to escort him safely back to Headquarters

Sitch: this is of paramount importance

Page 37

Feather: I heard the hostage is the son of someone important…but that doesn’t matter, so don’t you worry

Feather: as much as we loathe the higher-ups, we’ll nonetheless complete our task dutifully

Text: A-Class Rank 34 Feather

One-Shotter: why is this happening to me…

One-Shotter: life is tough even if you’re born into a good family

Text: A-Class Rank 22 One-Shotter*

(*T/N: 一発屋 means One-Hit Wonder, but his shoulder badge reads “ONESHOTTER”)

Eyebroll: let’s rescue him ASAP

Text: A-Class Rank 25 Crescent Eyebroll

Page 38

Gearsper: even so, once we poke the monster’s nest, we have no idea what’s going to fly out

Gearsper: there’re bound to be traps. We’re crossing a very dangerous bridge

Text: C-Class Rank 133 Gearsper*

(*T/N: portmanteau of Gear and Esper, I think)

Needle Star: boss, I want to say something

Sekingar: go on

Needle Star: we’re assuming the risk of going into enemy territory, we need some kind of agreement that you’ll increase our hero ranks beforehand, otherwise I don’t feel it’s worth it

Text: B-Class Rank 60

Page 39

Sekingar: …understood. You have my word

Heroes: ooo

Heroes: awesome

Sitch: ……

Sitch: Sekingar, are you sure they’ll be fine?

Text on screen: good job!

Sekingar: don’t worry

Needle Star: that hurts, what are you doing!?

Sekingar: there’re a few among them who have future S-Class potential. Based on my judgment anyway…

Page 40

Sekingar: what’s that, Sitch?

Sekingar: you don’t think our shield that protects mankind is hefty enough?

Sitch: eh..em

Elevator: dong

Staff: Mr. Sitch, your presence is required…

Sitch: ……what?

Page 41

Sitch: is Silver Fang here?

Bang: yo, Sitch

Bang: I lost my mobile phone, can you get me a new one

Page 42

Sitch: that so. Understood, I’ll arrange for a replacement immediately

Sekingar: Sitch…do you understand the situation

Sekingar: Silver Fang will not be part of the team. Tell him nothing, ask him to go home

Bang: also, do you have any new information regarding Garou’s hiding spot?

Bang: I think he’s still with the Monster group

Sitch: ……no…nothing new for now…

Bang: is that so

Sitch: Silver Fang

Sitch: it was amazing how you defeated Elder Centipede with King

Page 43

Sitch: but why did you let him escape after coming into contact with him?

Sitch: was it really due to monster interference?

Bang: you wanted to say that I let him go on purpose, right?

Bomb: ……

Sitch: ….phew

Sitch: my apologies…so many things are happening, I’m getting a little confused

Sitch: a staff member will bring you the new communication terminal. Please wait a moment

Sitch: I have some urgent matters to attend to, excuse me

Page 44

Bomb: they’re suspecting us

Bomb: did you let the cat out of the bag? Did he escape because you went easy on him?

Bang: …I did not go easy on him

Page 45

King: …good

King: nobody is after me…

King: I can hide in this room for a little while

King: but how can I get out of here…

Bang: what are you up to?

King: !!!!

King: Bang, why are you here!!?

Bang: I had some things to take care of. I should ask you the same question. Why are you here?

Page 46

King: there was an urgent summon of S-Class heroes, I was brought here along the way…

Bang: huh? I haven’t heard anything about it

King: ah

King: speaking of, I think Child Emperor said we cannot leak the information to Bang

Bang: come on…we’re close enough to have eaten hotpot together. Just tell me what you know

Child Emperor: Mr. King still isn’t back from the washroom

Zombieman: I can hear the King Engine roaring. Maybe he wanted to focus his attention before the attack

Darkshine: great, let me do some warm-up squats as well

Page 47

Bang: assault on the Monster Association’s home base?

Bang: is that really what’s happening next

Bang: and they’ve actually kept me out of the loop…

Bang: I guess they no longer trust me or Genos

Bomb: they took a child hostage…those sick bastards

Bang: I was so focused on following Garou’s trail, I totally forgot to check the news

Bang: does Saitama know their base is located in the Uninhabited Zone?

King: no…he probably knows nothing

King: had he known, he would have gone there by himself a long time ago

Page 48

King: next, the strike team will mobilize to the ruins in Z-City, whereupon each member will breach via a specific route. Of course…I have also been assigned a location

King: I need to discuss something with you, even though it means breaking Association protocol…

King: Silver Fang

King: Bomb

King: how about we bring Caped Baldy and Demon Cyborg along

King: and sneak into the base via my assigned route?

Page 49

Bang: ……

Bang: Garou will be there, won’t he?

Bang: then, in order to fulfil my duty

Bang: allow me to accompany you

Page 50

King: understood. Let’s rendezvous at Saitama’s apartment like yesterday

Bang: Ok, we’ll leave now and wait for you there

Bang: see you later

King: aah…at long last, I’m saved …

King: what a relief…

Child Emperor: ah…Mr. King, you’re back

Child Emperor: did something happen?

King: nope…no problems…

Atomic Samurai: the King Engine has stopped roaring

Atomic Samurai: he must be focused…

Child Emperor: time to go

Child Emperor: is everyone ready?

Page 51-52

Heroes: let’s go!!!

Page 53

Fubuki: I was summoned to take part in the fight against the Monster Association

Fubuki: but they suddenly cancelled it for no reason……

Fubuki: “you shouldn’t get involved in this”…….

Page 54

Fubuki: the only thing I can think of is that Tatsumaki has rejected my participation…

Fubuki: seems like she doesn’t want to acknowledge me at all

Fubuki: this beef with the Monster Association is personal

Fubuki: how dare they embarrass me like that in front of my sister

Page 55

Fubuki: steady point accumulation and consistent hero activities are the strengths of the Fubuki Group

Fubuki: now thanks to those bastards the group is forced into hiatus

Fubuki: I will have my revenge

Fubuki: using the power of the “New Fubuki Group”!

Page 56


Page 57

Genos: my unreasonable request no doubt troubled the Doctor

Genos: still, I asked the Doctor for an equipment power boost based on Saitama sensei’s suggestions

Kuseno: this upgrade is quite reckless

Kuseno: a badly balanced build that specializes in attack power

Kuseno: I pushed horsepower to the limit without sacrificing armor integrity

Kuseno: you must regulate the output during battle

Kuseno: at full power, you will go beyond the endurance limit and break it

Kuseno: use that only as your last resort

Page 58

Kuseno: only use full power when you have the right opportunity…well

Kuseno: the limit is 10 seconds

Kuseno: any longer and your body will not be able to handle it…

Kuseno: if the energy core explodes, even a cyborg like you will not survive

Kuseno: do you understand, Genos?

Kuseno: you can only go full power for 10 seconds

Kuseno: don’t forget it no matter what

Page 59

Fubuki: ah

Genos: ……

Genos: what do you want this time

Genos: don’t think I’ll let you in the apartment so easily over and over again

Page 60

Fubuki: what, you’re there all the time yourself

Fubuki: you’re in no position to talk

Genos: as sensei’s disciple, I am authorized to do so

Genos: as I renter, I also pay my rent money on time

Fubuki: rent money…Saitama doesn’t own the apartment, he’s just a squatter. You’ve been bamboozled

Page 61

Fubuki: regardless, have you not heard anything from the association? Even I have been contacted…

Fubuki: it’s a serious situation, a higher-up’s son has been kidnapped, I think it’s time to mobilize

Fubuki: don’t tell me they haven’t found the association base yet

Genos: if they did, Saitama sensei would have already wiped them out

Genos: my repairs are done, I’m back

Fubuki: I’m here, Saitama

Fubuki: let’s have a proper battle meeting this time

Page 62

Genos: eh…?

Genos: he’s not here…has he gone out

Genos: there’s water in the cup. Was it an emergency

Genos: the special sale I marked should be taking place the day after tomorrow

Fubuki: did he say anything to you?

Genos: his hero outfit isn’t here either…something must have happened

Bang: hey Saitama—pardon our intrusion again

Page 63

Genos: Sensei isn’t home

Bang: oh? He isn’t

Bang: that’s unfortunate, we were planning to break into the enemy hideout together with King

Genos: what!? You located the Monster Association base?

Bomb: word is it’s very close

Bomb: it’s right under our noses that we can’t even see it

Page 64

Genos: !

Bang: you are coming with us, Genos?

Genos: of course

King: huff

King: huff

King: huff

King: phew…

King: finally managed to escape…

Page 65

Bang: ooh, you’re here, King

King: aah…hi everyone

King: ahem

King: looks like everyone is here

Bang: Saitama isn’t home though

King: eh!?

King: how could this be…there isn’t much time left until the group assault…

Page 66

Genos: what’s your plan, King? Should we wait for Saitama sensei to return…

Genos: or should we attack with our current force

King: ……

King: let’s wait for Saitama

Fubuki: as one would expect coming from King, you have already planned it ahead of me

Fubuki: in a group battle, Saitama’s strength is indispensable

Page 67

Fubuki: if we’re going, we’ll go together

Fubuki: all members of the “New Fubuki Group”…that’s right

Genos: …so what should we do?

Fubuki: you over there! Stop ignoring me!!

Genos: if King’s assault lags behind, the other S-Class will become overburdened

Genos: you guys go ahead

Page 68

Genos: I’ll wait for sensei

Genos: we’ll catchup after

Bang: …that sounds pretty good

King: eh?

King: are we going to leave without Saitama…!? No way~~~!!!

Page 69

Bang: alright, let’s go

Bomb: we’ll end it before sundown

Fubuki: everyone, follow me!

Fubuki: New Fubuki Group, mobilize!

Text: extreme anxiety

Page 70

Text: where exactly did Saitama go?


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